Multiplying Improper Fractions Games

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Teaching children to multiply any fractions is complicated, and multiplication of improper fractions can feel like an extra step. This lesson offers games that will make it fun for students to learn about multiplication of improper fractions.

Teaching Math with Games

Are you trying to make your math instruction more fun and engaging for students? It's important to make sure that every student can access the material you offer and helps big time if you can make learning fun!

One way to motivate students to learn math is by incorporating games into your instruction. Games are usually collaborative, sometimes add an inspiring competitive edge, and help students understand that laughing while learning is just fine! What's more, games can often appeal to a variety of learning styles at once and can help students become more active in their own learning.

The games in this lesson are designed to teach students about multiplying improper fractions and give them more practice with the concepts and skills behind this sometimes-tricky mathematical task.

Multiplying Improper Fractions Games

Each of these games can be modified to meet the precise level of your students; try altering the numbers, letting students play in stages, or modifying the number of players in each group to make the games easier or harder.

Fraction, Fraction, Product

This is a card game that students can play in pairs or groups of three or four. You will need a deck of improper fraction cards; you can make these cards yourself, use commercially-made cards, or have students help you make them. Students should deal out the entire deck.

Players A and B each put down one of their cards and have a chance to multiply them together. The first player to get the product accurately gets to keep the cards. To determine whether the multiplication is accurate, they can either check each other's work or use a calculator. If there are more players, the next round happens between players B and C, then C and D, then D and A. The player to end up with the most cards once everyone has played is the winner.

Find the Errors

This is a fun speed game in which students can play independently or compete with one or more classmates. Give each student a worksheet made up of 10 to 20 multiplication problems involving improper fractions. Each of the problems should have a product, but make sure some of the products are incorrect. Alternatively, you can have all correct products, but they can be inaccurately converted back to mixed numbers.

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