Mustapha Mond in Brave New World: Character Traits & Quotes

Instructor: Kaitlin Oglesby

Kaitlin has a BA in political science and extensive experience working in the business world as Director of Marketing and Business Development at a financial advice firm.

Mustapha Mond is the World Controller for Western Europe in Aldous Huxley's novel 'Brave New World.' In this lesson, we will explore the complex motivations of this intriguing character.

Controlling the World

Have you ever wanted to control the world? If you were in charge, would you allow people to say whatever they wanted? Would you condone any form of individual expression, even if that meant societal chaos? Or would you prefer to maintain social order through some means? If so, what actions would you take to insure societal stability?

Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, written in 1931, takes place hundreds of years in the future. In the book, Mustapha Mond is the World Controller for Western Europe, one of the ten most powerful rulers on the planet. (Mustapha's surname 'Mond' comes from the French word 'monde,' which means 'world' or 'society.') Early in the narrative, Mustapha Mond's voice is used to explain the history and present society of the futuristic utopia which serves as the setting of the novel. In the strange future of Brave New World, individual expression is suppressed. Residents are kept happy with regular sessions of sex and the drug 'soma' to maintain social order. Some critics assert that Mustapha Mond's satiric philosophical musings most closely echo the voice of Aldous Huxley himself.

Dual Nature

Mustapha Mond is an intelligent, duplicitous character, a central link between the society of the World State and the ways of the past. He keeps forbidden books locked in his safe - notably, the Bible and the works of Shakespeare. Once a brilliant scientist, Mustapha Mond now leads a society in which natural curiosity and creativity have been intentionally quelled to maintain a stable society.

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