Narcissism in Organizations: Definition, Characteristics & Effects on the Workplace

Narcissism in Organizations: Definition, Characteristics & Effects on the Workplace
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  • 0:05 Definition of Narcissism
  • 1:11 Narcissistic Characteristics
  • 4:33 How Narcissism Affects…
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Narcissism in organizations can be very detrimental to corporate success. There are nine associated characteristics for which companies can screen potential employees in order to prevent a narcissist from being hired.

Definition of Narcissism

Junk Toys has a huge problem. The company has been taken over by narcissistic employees. This is hurting company morale and profits. Many of the company's workers are exhibiting an all-pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration or adulation and a lack of empathy. This has led to poor communication, constant fights, poor profits and a loss of market share. The CEO has called in a highly qualified team to rid the company of narcissistic behavior. He has hired the Narcissism Busters. They will identify any narcissistic behavior and clean out the negative traits. Go Narcissism Busters!

The first task for the Narcissism Busters is to identify who their targets are in the company. They need to uncover the employees who are acting in a narcissistic manner and hurting corporate profit and culture. Who should the NB team target? There are some key traits that they can look for to see who they need to eliminate.

Narcissistic Characteristics

To fully understand and identify a narcissistic employee, the NB team must be able to recognize the nine associated characteristics:

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