Narrative Essay Topics for Kids

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

When students write narrative essays, they have the chance to share and reflect on something about themselves. This lesson provides some topics for young students to use when writing narrative essays.

The Narrative Essay

Are you trying to get your elementary or middle school students more engaged in the writing process? One thing you might think about is having them write narrative essays. A narrative essay is told from a student's own point of view and often feels like a story in style and structure. Usually, a strong narrative essay focuses on a small moment or series of moments and stretches them out so that the author is telling them like a story. Narrative essays do not necessarily follow a firm structure as other kinds of essays do, but they should be well organized to communicate both the story that the student is telling and some information about the student's personal reflection on the story. Narrative essays work well for young writers, who are often brimming with stories and enjoy the opportunity to write about themselves. This lesson offers you some topics that tend to be successful when writing narrative essays with children.

Topics About Relationships

Many students thrive on writing narratives that describe the close and meaningful relationships in their lives.

  • Write an essay about spending time with an adult who means a lot to you. Describe the story, and as you tell it, talk about your relationship with the person you were spending time with.
  • Describe your relationship with a special animal in an essay that zeroes in on one specific story about being with that animal. Make sure to offer details describing the animal as well as the setting and any particular events that unfolded.
  • Who is someone you really admire? Write an essay that describes the story of how you came to admire this person and why. You might reflect on what you do and do not have in common with the person and what you learned about yourself by learning about them.
  • Write an essay about a time you experienced conflict in a relationship, either with a friend or with an adult. Your essay should explain why the conflict occurred, if and how it resolved, and what you learned or thought about as a result.

Topics About Exciting Times

Almost every student likes to write about their exciting experiences, and these can also provide great opportunities for reflection.

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