Narrative Writing Group Activities

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha has Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology, as well as a Bachelor's in Marketing. She has extensive experience creating & teaching curricula in college level education, history, English, business and marketing.

Narrative writing is a writing style that describes a story or series of events from the first person voice. This lesson focuses on narrative writing activities for groups.

What Is Narrative Writing?

Narrative writing is writing that recounts events in sequence. A narrative story not only tells us the result of an event, but everything that led up to it as well. For instance, picture a famous actor you like - someone who stars in big movies and has found lots of success. We might know the end of his story - the success - but that ending only came after a sequence of events. The actor likely had to move out to Hollywood, spend every day auditioning, take bit roles in commercials and work his way to larger productions before he made it big. A sequence of events led to his happy 'ending.' So it is with narrative writing.

Students can do a variety of exercises and activities alone in narrative writing. However, the following are a select set of projects that students can do in larger groups as well.

Narrative Group Writing

Graphic Novel

The popularity of graphic novels is only increasing, so a graphic novel narration is a great way to engage students in this activity. Break students into groups of four and have them work on a graphic novel together. If there are no artists in the group, then drawing stick figures will work just fine. Or students can use magazine cut-out figures. Have each student create a new super human, villain or hero - it's up to them. But have them narrate the story of how their character came to be who they are today. This will give them the proper framework for narration, and it will also be an engaging activity.

Take a Turn

This activity is simple and fun, and can be done in the classroom. Have students sit down at their desks so they are in a semblance of order. Then explain you will be starting a story by saying a word, such as ''I''. Then each student will add on one word when it is their turn to speak. They go in order from one side of the class to the next. The main focus is for each student to come up with the next word that will help narrate a story, and being cognizant of how the story evolves. The story would go something like this: ''I - used - to - be - a - young - and - scrawny - kid.'' The fun part of this activity is when the students get to change and tweak the story with just one word. This shows how important word choice is in narrative writing.

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