Natural Disaster Project Ideas

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in teaching. She previously taught high school in several states around the country.

In middle and high school science and history classes, you will cover content related to natural disasters. Use these group and individual project ideas to deepen students' understanding of natural disasters.

Learning About Natural Disasters

From droughts to blizzards, natural disasters fit into many places in the middle and high school curriculum. Since there is a plethora of information to learn on the topic, projects are a great way to deepen and enhance student learning. These projects were created with middle and high school students in mind. There are opportunities for both individual and group work. These projects would be best incorporated after covering the general material on natural disasters.

Historic Report (Individual)

In this project, students will be creating a report on a major natural disaster from history. All students in class should pick a different natural disaster. Depending on student readiness, either allow them to choose their own after looking on the internet or have them pick from a list. For their project, students can choose to create a slide presentation or poster. Although the final format of the project will be different, all projects should contain the following information

  • Name and date of natural disaster
  • Type of natural disaster
  • Location affected
  • 4-6 images
  • 4 facts about that type of natural disaster
  • 8 facts about the specific natural disaster
  • 3 facts about the damage caused
  • 4 interesting facts

After creating their poster or slide presentation, students will share them with the class.

  • Materials Needed: Computer, poster board, coloring materials

Types of Natural Disasters (Group)

For this project, students will work in groups to teach the class about a certain type of natural disaster. Begin by dividing students into groups of 3-4. Next, assign each group one type of natural disaster (volcano, flood, drought, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, wild fire, blizzard, avalanche, etc). After researching information, students will put together a slide show that they will share with the class. All slide presentations should include the following:

  • Title slide with name of natural disaster and group member names
  • General information about the natural disaster (3 slides minimum)
  • Information on three of the largest events in history from their natural disasters (i.e. for the group with tornadoes, the three most devastating tornadoes in history) (6 slides)

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