New Jersey Colony Lesson for Kids: Facts & History

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  • 0:04 The New Jersey Colony
  • 0:30 History of the Colony
  • 1:21 Geography of the Colony
  • 2:01 Agriculture of the Colony
  • 2:51 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Kerry Momnie

Kerry has taught for eleven years in grades 4-8 and is currently a 5th grade classroom teacher. Kerry also has a master's degree and is a certified reading specialist.

You have just sailed ashore from England and have landed in this land that is new and unfamiliar called America. As your family settles in the colony called New Jersey, what do you see? How was life different than your home back in England? Let's find out about this new life of yours in the colonies!

New Jersey Colony

Imagine is the year 1670, and you're living in the 13 Colonies — the colony of New Jersey, to be exact. You've only been living in North America for a short time and are hopeful for a life of freedom and success in your new land. As you sit down to write to your family in England about the colony where you live, what will you tell them? Let's take a closer look at this new home of yours in the colony of New Jersey as you share your new experiences with your family back home.

History of the Colony

''Did you know that New Jersey didn't always have that name? This new land of ours was originally claimed in 1609 by this man they call Henry Hudson. Though Hudson was British, like us, he worked for the Netherlands and claimed this land for the Dutch. He called it New Netherlands after their homeland. However, just six years ago in 1664, the British took control of this land and the Dutch were driven away. They renamed the settlement and called it New Jersey after a place in our very own homeland, the Isle of Jersey.

Since New Jersey officially became one of the 13 Colonies, people, like my family, have moved to this new colony for the land that is promised and religious freedom, meaning that we can practice whatever faith we choose to believe. Our family is so grateful for this type of freedom, where we can practice our religion without punishment. I am hopeful that our life in New Jersey will be peaceful and successful!''

Geography of the Colony

''Our new colony of New Jersey is one of the Mid-Atlantic or Middle Colonies. We enjoy the land and the climate of this region very much! New Jersey has everything from mountains to lowlands, to the coast along the Atlantic Ocean. We live in the central lowlands, with the mountains to our west and the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to our east. The land in New Jersey has been excellent for farming because of the fertile soil.

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