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Newspaper Activities & Games

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Are you trying to help your students learn to read the newspaper? The activities and games in this lesson make newspaper reading fun and engaging while also encouraging the development of strong nonfiction reading skills.

Using the Newspaper in Class

As reading teachers, we are responsible for helping our students become comfortable with a wide variety of genres and texts. If you are helping your students grow as nonfiction readers, you probably want them to become well versed in reading the newspaper. Reading a newspaper requires special skills; students need to know how to access prior knowledge, discern the main idea, shift topics quickly, and think critically about what they are reading. Since newspaper reading might be new or challenging to your class, it can help to incorporate games and activities into your instruction. This lesson offers some ideas for making it fun and engaging for your students to read the newspaper.

Newspaper Games

Playing games can make a big difference in students' motivation levels, especially if you are asking them to try challenging things. This section focuses on games you can use while teaching students how to read the newspaper.

Find it Fast

This game is oriented toward teaching students how to shift their attention quickly while reading a newspaper. Have your students work in small groups. Each group should sit together at a desk or table. Put a few different newspapers at each table. Then, call out a text feature or topic. Some examples include:

  • photograph with caption
  • graph
  • map
  • headline with a subtitle
  • political cartoon

Each group should try to quickly find the feature you have called out. The first group that can find it, present it, and explain what it is doing in the newspaper gets a point for that round, and the team with the most points when you are finished playing wins the game.

True or False

This game asks students to look closely at different newspaper articles. Students should work with partners. Give each partnership a newspaper article to read. Have them read it separately from each other before they come together to play. Once they come together, Partner A is responsible for saying three things about the article. Two things should be true, and one should be false. Partner A can say the three things in any order. Partner B has exactly one minute to determine which thing is the falsehood, based on the reading. Then, Partner B gets a turn. After each partner has had three turns, they can move to a different article.

Newspaper Activities

The activities in this section help students with different learning styles and strengths better understand the newspaper and how it works.

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