No Biting Social Stories

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Social stories can be a great way to help children learn about appropriate behavior in stressful settings. The ones in this lesson deal explicitly with helping children learn not to bite.

Social Stories and Aggression

A social story is a scripted story that helps a student learn language and strategies for navigating stressful situations while using socially acceptable behavior. These stories can be especially helpful for children with autism as well as kids with speech and language struggles or who simply have a hard time with social cues and emotional regulation. The social stories in this lesson teach students why it is important not to bite. The stories help students understand why they might feel impelled to bite and what they can do instead.

Social Story for Stress-Related Biting

In my school, we do a lot of different things every day. We sit on the rug for meetings and lessons. We work independently at our desks, and we go out to play. Sometimes, we work and play with partners and groups.

Many of the things we do in school are fun. Some tasks are hard, while others are easy. Some of the tasks we do in school feel stressful. Something is stressful for me if I do not really understand how to do it, if I feel like I cannot do it fast enough, or if other people are crowded around me while I am trying to do it. I can tell I am feeling stressed when my heart starts pounding really fast and I cannot see clearly. I lose track of my words and I feel like everyone and everything is in my way.

Sometimes, when I feel stressed, I want to bite another person. I know that biting is not okay. There is no biting allowed, and biting hurts other people. When I feel like biting, I know I need to go away from where I am. I find an empty or quiet space. I take deep breaths and count to ten to help my stress go away.

If it is hard to get away from the stressful place, I can yell, 'I need help!' or even 'I feel like biting!' Using words is always better than biting, and a grown up will be able to help me find a calm place. If I really feel like I need to bite, I can bite down on my special plastic ring or even the collar on my shirt. I will be proud of myself for not biting another person.

Social Story for Anger-Related Biting

I have a lot of friends in school. My friends and I play together and work together. A lot of times, when I am with my friends, I feel happy. Sometimes, when I am with my friends, I feel angry. I often get angry if they are telling me what to do or if we are disagreeing about something.

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