Nouns Lesson for Kids: Definition & Examples

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

In this lesson, you will learn about one part of speech: nouns. You will learn about common and proper nouns, and we'll discuss some of the ways nouns can be used in sentences.

Parts of Speech & Nouns

Have you ever noticed that there are different kinds of words, and words that can do different jobs? In English, we have sorted our words into categories called parts of speech. This is a lesson about the part of speech called nouns.

Look at this picture. What do you see?

Rainy day picture
rainy day picture

Here are some words that describe what we see in this picture:

  • Woman
  • Child
  • Umbrella
  • Street
  • Stones
  • Window
  • Raincoat
  • Building

All of these words are nouns. What is a noun? A noun is a word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea.


In our rainy day picture, there are two people. Who are they? They might be mother and daughter, sisters, friends, neighbors, or pedestrians. Each of these words are nouns. They're called common nouns, because they could name a variety of different people. We could also use proper nouns for the people in the picture. Proper nouns are specific to individual people, like the names Jennifer and Mrs. Burns.

You can tell the difference between these two types of nouns by remembering that the first letters of proper nouns are generally upper-case, while common nouns are lower-case. However, keep in mind that common nouns are also capitalized when they're at the beginning of the sentence.

Places, Things, & Ideas

What places are in our rainy day picture? Outside and city--these are common nouns that name the places in this picture. This is a picture of a street in the country Albania. Albania is a proper noun naming the specific place where the picture was taken.

What are some of the things in our picture? Umbrella, windows, raincoats, buildings, stones, pants, shoes, and pockets are a few nouns that name objects in the rainy day image.

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