Numbers 100 - 10,000: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: James Anderson

James Anderson is a PhD Candidate in Agricultural Sciences specializing in Plant Breeding. He has taught several classes during this time, including Plant Genetics, Plant Breeding, Field Plot Techniques, Precision Agriculture, and Soil Fertlility Evaluation.

Now that we are up to the number 100, we can look at how we can get up to higher numbers. All the way to 10,000! We will do this by looking at how digits increase from ones to thousands places and how a comma or period separates values in numbers.

Hundreds Place

We will start off at one hundred.

Number 100

We can add numbers the same way we did to get to one hundred, like on the number square.

Number Square

We have a zero in the tens and ones place.

We increase the number in the ones place from zero to nine till we get to the tens place.

100 + 1 = 101

At 109 we get:

109 + 1 = 110

We then increase the tens place by one and reset the ones back to zero.

We increase the ones place again up to nine and then add one more to the tens place. This pattern continues till you get to a nine at the tens place.

119 + 1 = 120

We are now at the number 199 and add one more. We change the hundreds place number to a 2 and restart the tens and ones place to a 0.

199 + 1 = 200

We then continue to increase the number like before. We go from 200 to 300. We keep adding, increasing the hundreds place by one until we get up to the number 9 in the hundreds place. Eventually, we will reach the number 999.



400 and so on till you get to

Number 999

Thousands Place and the comma

We have the number 999 and we add 1 to it.

999 + 1 = 1,000

The number that we have now is 1,000!


At this point, we add the thousands place. We add the digit one (1) in front of the hundreds place and use place a comma (in the United States and English-speaking countries like Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) or a period (in Europe) to show where there is a change in the names of the numbers. Numbers below four digits are ones, tens, and hundreds while numbers between four digits long and six digits long use the thousands to show their value. We will use thousands and ten thousand for this lesson, but there is a hundred thousands place we won't talk about in this lesson.

The US uses

1,000 with a comma

UK and Europe uses

1000 decimal

We then start adding to increase the thousands place. We add like we did before. Starting with the ones place, we add up till nine and increase the tens place by one. We increase the tens place from zero to nine to increase the hundreds place. We increase the hundreds place from zero to nine to increase the thousands place.

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