Objectives & Action Plans in Customer Service

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  • 0:03 Setting Goals & Objectives
  • 0:39 Goals vs. Objectives
  • 1:22 Developing an Action Plan
  • 2:08 Measuring Progress
  • 2:52 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

In customer service, it's important to set objectives and create action plans to achieve those objectives. This lesson will explain more about goals and objectives in customer service and how to create an action plan and measure it.

Setting Goals & Objectives

In customer service, just like any other aspect of business, it's important to set goals and objectives. You need to have something that you're working towards. For example, Steve is the owner of a hotel that's considered average compared to the other hotels in the area. Steve just runs the hotel day to day, but doesn't set any goals or objectives for his team. This could explain why the hotel is considered average. If there were goals and objectives set for what the hotel wanted to achieve in terms of customer service, Steve might find that his hotel would start to perform better.

Goals vs. Objectives

Let's begin by taking a look at goals and objectives and how they're different. Goals are long-term anticipated outcomes or something you desire to achieve. A goal for Steve, the owner of the hotel, could be to become an above-average hotel compared to the other hotels in the area.

Objectives are the actual steps you take to achieve a goal and can be checked off of a to-do list once they're completed. For example, an objective for Steve could be to retrain his front desk team in handling customer complaints. Once they're retrained, this objective can be checked off.

Goals aren't as easily checked off a list and take longer to complete than objectives. In customer service, you need to set both goals and objectives.

Developing an Action Plan

It's also important to use action plans to help you achieve your objectives. An action plan is an outline of actions that need to take place. You can create your action plans to line up with each of your objectives. For example, an action plan for the objective of retraining the front desk team could include:

  • Designating a training manager
  • Creating resources for the training
  • Developing a training checklist
  • Determining times for training

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