Ocean Themed Activities for Kids

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Exploring the ocean is great fun. This lesson plan offers your students many activities to help encourage their imaginations as they learn and explore the depths of the oceans.

The Ocean

The ocean is a bit deceptive in that we say one word for what is really a vast array of different ecosystems. The word ocean can conjure areas near the beach where you might find starfish or sea shells. It might make some children think of the deep blue where whale sharks live. Others may imagine the animals yet to be found in the darkest parts of the deepest oceans.

The activities offered in this lesson will give your students an opportunity to explore many parts of the ocean while letting their imaginations run and their learning juices thrive.

20 Questions

Materials: Cards with pictures (or names of) ocean animals

This activity can be completed in pairs, small groups or as a whole class. In any case, have each student choose a card. One student faces the other students. The other students may ask 'yes/no' questions in an attempt to identify the ocean animal on the player's card.

If playing as a class or in small groups, the student who guesses the animal correctly gets to take his/her turn. If playing in pairs, it is the other student's turn when the animal is guessed correctly.

Count the questions. The presenter wins if he/she is able to answer 20 questions without the other students guessing his/her animal.

Find Your Home

Materials: Pictures of ocean animals and plants or index cards with their names (at least one per student, for more advanced classes, try 4 per student)

Set up: Label spaces of the game area with the three zones of the ocean

This activity is best conducted outside with lots of room, but can be completed in a classroom if necessary.

Divide your class into three groups. Assign each group to an ocean zone. Place all the cards in the center of the play area. At a signal one student from each group must run to the pile of cards, find one card that belongs to his/her zone and return to the zone. The next student in the group is allowed to repeat this action after the first has returned. Continue until all the players have had a turn.

If you have more than one card per student, tell the students how many cards they must collect to finish the game. Make sure to check the groups' cards to ensure accurate categorization.

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