Octagon Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

Instructor: Emily Hume

Emily is a Reading Specialist and Literacy coach in a public elementary school with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

You see octagons every day, but can you identify one when you see it? In this lesson, you will learn about octagons. Definition, features, and interesting facts will be discussed.

What Are Octagons?

Chances are, you saw an octagon or two today, and you may not have even known it! Octagons are everywhere, and they have some pretty interesting features.

An octagon is a shape that has eight sides, which gives it eight angles. (Angles happen whenever two straight lines meet!) An octagon can also be called a polygon because it has straight sides and is a flat shape, not a 3-D shape like a ball. If any of the sides are curved or the ends don't quite meet each other, it's not an octagon!

How can you remember the number of sides an octagon has? Think of an octopus -- you know it has eight legs. The beginning of both words -- octopus and octagon -- is the same. They both mean eight!

Octagons All Around You

Octagons are all around you! They may be tiny, like those in a floor tile pattern, or very big, like the octagon ceiling in the image below.

Octagon Ceiling
Octagon Ceiling

You can see an octagon in the shape of a STOP sign or even in the shape of a house! Octagons can be found in natural as well as man-made objects. Can you think of any places where you have seen an octagon?

Regular Versus Irregular Octagons

Regular Octagon with Angle

Regular octagons are easily recognized -- they will always have eight equal sides and eight equal angles. They are the typical shape you think of when you hear the word octagon. This is the type of shape we often see in signs, ceiling or floor tiles, or pieces of art.

Irregular Octagon
Irregular Octagon

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