Of Mice and Men Chapter 6: Summary & Quotes

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tommi Waters

TK Waters has a bachelor's degree in literature and religious studies and a master's degree in religious studies and teaches Hebrew Bible at Western Kentucky University.

Chapter 6 of 'Of Mice and Men' reveals the fates of the two main characters, George and Lennie, and the events leading up to the conclusion. Read this lesson for a summary of the chapter.

Alone at the River

When Chapter 6 of Of Mice and Men opens, we see Lennie by the pool of the Salinas River where he is supposed to wait for George. He's talking to himself, saying, ''George gonna give me hell'' because he killed the puppy and Curley's wife. He starts hallucinating his Aunt Clara who says to him, ''I tol' you, 'Min' George because he's such a nice fella an' good to you. But you don't never take no care. You do bad things.'' Lennie then begins seeing a giant, anthropomorphic rabbit, which rebukes him for his actions, telling him he'll never be able to tend the rabbits and that George will beat him. When Lennie protests that George has never hurt him, the rabbit continues scaring him, making Lennie yell out for George.

Lonely Again

George, on his way to their hiding spot, hears Lennie cry out for him and asks Lennie why he's yelling. Lennie explains that he is afraid George will leave him because, he says, ''I done another bad thing.'' '''It don't make no difference,' George said, and he fell silent again.'' Lennie asks George to tell him again why they're different from other men, so George tells him their difference is that they have each other. George is unusually quiet and kind during their conversation, giving the reader a hint at what's about to happen.

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