Online Video Marketing Strategies

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  • 0:20 Be Unique
  • 1:40 Be Entertaining
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

When creating online video marketing strategies, it's important to be unique. Online video marketing strategies should be created to help set your company apart from competitors. In this lesson, discover three key elements of online videos.

Online Video Marketing Strategies

Staying relevant with so many other competitors is hard to do. It is vital for companies to stand out from the pack. Would you rather be the sheep or the wolf? If you want to be the wolf, it is important to create unique online video marketing strategies.

Be Unique

Online video marketing is becoming more popular. It is important when creating an online video for it to be unique. Standing out among competitors is an important part of the marketing process. As a company, you want consumers to set you apart from other companies in a positive way. Creating a unique video that will catch people's eyes is necessary for a successful video.

With the vast amount of competition, being unique allows your company to create something new that viewers have not seen. It is important for you to use a video platform, such as YouTube, to allow customers to view and share the video. With YouTube, companies have the ability to see how many views the video has, and millions of people can watch the video since it is public.

The goal is to create an online video that will go viral. A viral campaign is something that gets shared by a mass amount of viewers. Do you remember the first time you saw a video of a flash mob performing? This technique of people singing and dancing in public caught people's eyes and turned into a viral sensation. Anything that can draw positive attention to your company will help benefit brand awareness. Many companies are still using this idea to help create a viral online marketing video. Ideas that are unique are important for a company to stand out.

Be Entertaining

When creating an online marketing video, it is essential for the video to be entertaining. Capturing the attention of the consumer by including exciting and entertaining footage helps create a strong video. The marketing team should concentrate on providing something that will keep the consumers' attention. We want viewers to watch the entire video to get the complete message.

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