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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

There are many areas of customer service that need to be measured, including operational functions. This lesson explores examples of operational metrics and explains how they can be used in customer service.

Operational Metrics

Jim is the manager of an online customer service center for a telephone company. In the last two months, he's noticed that his team's efficiency has dropped significantly. Jim wants the company to run efficiently and effectively so that they can keep the company's customers happy.

He decides to use operational metrics to determine the root causes for this drop in efficiency. Operational metrics are a method of measuring the operating processes of a business. These metrics are especially focused on efficiency and effectiveness. By seeing what is happening on the operation side of things, Jim may be able to find a solution to increase efficiency.

Impact on Customers

Operational metrics can help Jim learn more about the impact of his customer service team on the customers. Examples of this include:

Abandonment Rates

How many people are hanging up before they speak to someone on Jim's team? Gaining an understanding of abandonment rates can help Jim determine the amount of business they are losing before his team is able to speak to the customer.


This metric focuses on why customers are not buying a product. For example, if Jim discovers from this metric that customers are not buying the product because it is taking too long to talk to someone or because they are not getting the information they need from the representatives, Jim will know that it is a problem with the team and not the product.

Focused on Efficiency

Managers need to know if a company is run efficiently while looking for ways to make it run even more efficiently. Operational metrics can tell Jim about the team's efficiency. The different metrics include:

  • Hold Times: This metric provides information on how long a customer is on hold when they call customer service. Hold times are a valuable tool to help Jim determine if the company is staffed appropriately to take care of customers.
  • Average Talk Time: Are customer service agents on the phone with just a handful of customers during an entire shift? Average talk time can help determine if customer service agents are serving customers in a timely manner.

Focused on Effectiveness

Another key area of a business that can be determined by operational metrics is effectiveness. It doesn't matter how many hours a day Jim's customer service agents are on the phone if they are not being effective. Let's look at some of the metrics for effectiveness.

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