Ordering & Arranging Events on Likelihood: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Tawnya Eash

Tawnya has a master's degree in early childhood education and teaches all subjects at an elementary school.

Think about the chances of snow on a warm summer day in July? You are probably thinking it's impossible! This is an example of the likelihood of an event occurring. Let's read on to learn about the probability of events relating to mathematics.

Review Probability

Let's say you and your friend are playing a game and need to figure out who goes first. You each take a turn rolling a six-sided die to see who gets the higher number. What chance do you have of rolling a 6? Let's take a look.

Probability Terms

You have a one in six chance or 1/6 of a chance to get the number six, so it is unlikely.

Remember, probability is how likely it is for something to happen. It can be used in many aspects of life from weather, to science, to mathematics.

Let's practice ordering some events.

Order Events of Probability

Using fractions can help you determine the likelihood of an event occurring. The number of ways the specific event can happen is the numerator while the total number of possible outcomes is the denominator. These fractions will also help you to order the events of probability from impossible to certain.

Rolling a Die

If you roll a regular six-sided die one time, take a look at your chances of getting the following numbers.

  • Rolling a 7
  • Rolling a 2, 4, or 6
  • Rolling a 1 through 6

The chance of rolling a 7 is impossible or 0/6 because there are no number 7's on a six-sided die.

The chance of rolling an even number is equally likely or 3/6 because there is a 50/50 chance.

The chance of rolling a 1 through 6 is certain or 6/6 because the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are on the die.

Spinning a Spinner

Take a look at the spinner and figure out your chances of landing on different colors with just one spin.


Order these events from impossible to certain.

  • Landing on red
  • Landing on blue, green, red, or purple
  • Landing on purple
  • Landing on blue or green
  • Landing on orange
  • Landing on green or purple

Correct order with one spin:

  • Impossible or 0/8 of a chance landing on orange.
  • Unlikely or 1/8 of a chance landing on red.
  • Unlikely or 3/8 of a chance landing on purple.
  • Equally Likely or 4/8 of a chance landing on blue or green.
  • Likely or 5/8 of a chance landing on green or purple.
  • Certain or 8/8 of a chance landing on blue, green, red, or purple.

Arrange Events of Probability

Sometimes the order in which events occur can be arranged into different combinations. A combination is a way of joining events together.

Let's look at some examples.

Combinations of Outfits

Think about outfits you wear every day. In the winter, you probably wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. Let's look at some combinations of outfits you could create out of the following shirts and pants.

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