Ordering Food: Spanish Practice Activity

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Raychelle Heath

Raychelle has a BA in Spanish and an MFA in Writing. She has studied in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Mexico. She has taught Spanish in various settings.

Now that you've practiced vocabulary for ordering food, it's time to check out the menu. In this lesson, you will practice ordering items from a menu, making sure you ask for things in the right order.

¡A Comer!

It's time to eat! You have a menu in front of you that is full of delicious possibilities. In this lesson, you will get a chance to practice your ordering skills and review some food vocabulary.

El Menú

Juan y Nina están en el restaurante México Lindo y están listas para ordenar. Let's take a look at the menu!

Entradas Platos Fuertes Comida Vegetariana Bebidas Postres
Guacamole Enchiladas Suizas Ensalada Mixta Agua Natural Flan
Papas Fritas Pescado Frito Quesadillas Agua Mineral Helado
Sopa del Día Tacos al Pastor Pasta Primavera Jugo de Naranja Pastel de Tres Leches
Espagueti Cerveza

¡Ojo! Did you notice any cognates on the menu? Menú, espagueti, and ensalada sound like their English counterparts. Also, you may have tried foods like guacamole, enchilidas, tacos, and flan, as they are popular in many English-speaking countries.

Actividad 1

Use the menu above and the answer choices to help you fill in the blanks for Juan and Nina's order.

1. Juan y Nina quieren empezar con _____ entonces van a ordenar guacamole.

  • comida vegetariana
  • una entrada
  • un plato fuerte

2. Nina es una vegetariana. Puede ordenar _____ o una ensalada mixta.

  • espagueti
  • pasta primavera
  • enchiladas suizas

3. Juan no le gustan los _____ entonces solamente bebe agua natural.

  • refrescos
  • helado
  • flan

4. Nina quiere un _____ entonces va a ordenar el pastel de tres leches.

  • bebida
  • comida vegetariana
  • postre

Actividad 2

Miguel y Ana acaban de llegar al restaurante México Lindo. Hablan con el mesero para una mesa y para ordenar unas bebidas. Look at the conversation they have with the waiter. Things are a bit mixed up. Put the conversation in the correct order.

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