Otto Frank Quotes from Diary of a Young Girl

Instructor: Margaret Stone

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Otto Frank is depicted as an ideal father in Anne Frank's 'Diary of a Young Girl.' In this lesson, we will take a close look at quotes from Anne about her father.

In 1942, a young Jewish girl by the name of Anne Frank received a diary for her birthday. In August 1944, two years after going into hiding with her family, Nazi police discovered them and sent them to concentration camps where Anne died. Her father, Otto Frank, survived the war and after the discovery of Anne's diary, decided to fulfill her wish of becoming a writer and publish it. In her diary, she shares candid thoughts on her family, especially her father. Let's take a closer look at Otto Frank and what Anne has to say about him in Diary of a Young Girl.

Who Is Otto Frank?

Otto Frank is married to Edith and father to Anne and her older sister, Margot. The Franks are Jewish, and the family comes from Germany to Amsterdam when Otto becomes managing director of a food company. He has the difficult task of educating, entertaining, and peacekeeping when his family and others move to the secret annex to hide from the Nazis.

In 1942, Otto Frank begins to prepare his family for the need to go into hiding to avoid being captured by Nazis. Otto tells Anne that soon the family will move to the secret annex in the building where he works. Otto tries to prepare his daughter for the difficulties of a life cut off from everyone else as the two walk around the streets of Amsterdam, but he is sure it is better to leave than to be taken. ''So we'll leave of our own accord and not wait to be hauled away,'' he says.

Father Figure

Otto Frank is quick to forgive his children's shortcomings. Anne Frank writes, ''Daddy's a sweetheart; he may get mad at me, but it never lasts longer than five minutes.'' Anne Frank mentions her father's patience more than once in her diary. ''If Father weren't so patient, I'd have long ago given up hope of ever meeting my parents' quite moderate expectations,'' she writes.

Otto Frank attempts to keep his girls both entertained and educated while the family and others are in hiding. He works with Anne on a genealogy project, and she says, ''He tells me something about each person as we go along.'' In addition to tutoring his daughters in traditional academic subjects, Otto Frank orders correspondence courses from a catalog to enrich his daughters' educations.

Husband, Scholar, and Peacemaker

Anne Frank comments that her parents' relationship is not subject to the kind of outbursts she witnesses from the other residents of the secret annex. She says, however, ''Father's not very open about his feelings, but he's the same sweetheart he's always been.''

Anne says her father is modest and quiet. He reads Dickens and studies languages in his free time. Otto Frank is a generous man who ''always looks to see whether the others have been served first. He needs nothing for himself; the best things are for the children. He's goodness personified,'' according to Anne.

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