Paced Decision Making Model

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Olga Bugajenko

Olga is a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner and has a master's degree in project management.

Would you like to start making more rational decisions? Discover the five steps behind the PACED decision-making model and learn to apply them in practice with the help of the PACED matrix.


Have you ever had to make a decision in a situation where there was no perfect solution, like choosing a hotel for your next vacation? In a scenario where every alternative has both positive and negative consequences, it can become difficult to make a choice. But don't give up. There is a way to simplify this process by rationalizing your choice. The PACED decision-making model is a rational decision-making tool, whose name makes it easy to remember five steps towards making a decision and the sequence in which they should be taken. At every stage, the model provides some helpful questions to think about.

1. P: Problem: start with defining the problem at hand.

  • What is the issue?
  • What decisions do you have to make?

Let's imagine you are going to Barcelona next summer and have to select a hotel for your trip.

2. A: Alternatives: list all possible alternatives.

  • What choice do you have?
  • What actions can you take?

At this stage, you'll list all the hotels that have rooms for your dates.

3. C: Criteria: select the criteria that will be used for evaluation.

  • What characteristics or factors are important in this situation?
  • What are you hoping to achieve with the decision?

What is important for you to have at the hotel? Breakfast, a pool, and a seaside view might be some of your criteria.

4. E: Evaluate: evaluate each alternative against the chosen criteria.

  • How well does each alternative meet the criteria?
  • What decision do you have to make?

Now is the time to do your research and find out which hotel offers everything you're looking for.

5. D: Decision: make a decision!

  • What option scores the highest against the criteria?
  • What will be your gains and losses in each scenario?

Time to make a booking! Where will you stay?

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