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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

View this lesson to learn how companies can best package, label, and market a new product. You will see that more is involved than just putting the product in a box.

A New Product

Sunny works at a puzzle company. This company is always creating new puzzles to sell to their customers. Their customers love that the puzzles come in all sizes. They can choose an easy puzzle with only 24 pieces or they can choose a very difficult puzzle with 20,000 pieces.

Sunny is the person in charge of the marketing for the puzzles and who gets the word out about new products. He is also the one who designs all the packaging and labeling of the new products. Let's go shadow Sunny on his day at work to see what is involved with packaging, labeling, and marketing a new product.

We define packaging as the wrapping materials for a product, labeling as the writing of the description of the product, and marketing as the advertisement for a product.


Sunny has just received a new product for him to package, label, and market. This new product is a 2,000-piece puzzle of a cartoon drawing of different kinds of cats. It's a really cute puzzle, and Sunny can see his customers really getting into this puzzle. The drawings of the cats are distinct but it becomes very challenging because there are several pieces that look almost like each other. This puzzle is for the intermediate to expert puzzle player. Sunny takes in all this information and uses it to help him finish his job.

For his packaging, he uses the standard puzzle box that lifts up to reveal another box where the puzzle pieces go. He also adds a plastic bag inside to hold all the puzzle pieces while they are being transported. This plastic bag also helps to prevent lost puzzle pieces at the store. If the plastic bag is broken, then customers will know that someone has tampered with the product and that pieces may be missing. He makes sure that this box is large enough for him to display all the information he has put on the label. The purpose of the packaging is to contain the product so that it remains safe during transport and while it is sitting on a store shelf.


The labeling that Sunny has designed is a big sticker that goes around the box. It shows a large picture of the puzzle on the top of the box. It also has a zoomed in picture to show the detail of the puzzle. He also shows several similar pieces to show that this puzzle is a challenging puzzle. Also on the top of the box, Sunny includes the information that this puzzle is 2,000 pieces and is for the intermediate to expert puzzle player. On the sides of the box, he has included a smaller picture of the puzzle along with the same information that is on the top. Of course, the company logo is printed on the top and the sides as well.

The information Sunny includes is information that he knows his customers want to know about. The number of pieces the puzzle has and how good the picture looks are important for intermediate and expert puzzle players. This is why Sunny makes sure to include these bits of information. The purpose of the labeling is to draw attention to the selling points of the product. Whatever helps to sell the product is what should be highlighted in the labeling.

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