Parts of a Horse: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Amanda McCarthy

Amanda has been teaching for ten years and has a master's degree in elementary education.

While there are many different breeds and colors of horses, the parts of a horse are similar on all breeds. Let's learn about the different parts of horses.


Throughout the last 5,000 years, horses have been domesticated and used by humans for work and for pleasure. Horses are mammals, or animals that are warm-blooded and have hair that covers most of the body. Underneath that hair, is a muscle system that helps support the 205 bones of the horse's skeleton. While there are many different breeds and sizes of horses, each horse has similar characteristics. Let's look at these parts of the horse.

Horses in the desert
Horses in the desert

Parts of a Horse

Horses are prey animals, or animals that are hunted upon by predators. Since a horse is a prey animal, there are certain attributes the horse has to help it survive. First off, a horse has eyes on the side of its head, which allow them to see almost a complete circle around. This will let the horse know if there are any predators lurking around in the bushes.

In addition to eyes on the side of the head, horses' ears are able to rotate on top of their head, which allows them to hear for any danger that may be nearby. In addition to listening for things, the ears on top of the head allow the horse to communicate how he or she is feeling towards another horse or animal.

Horses are covered with hair all over their body. On their neck and tail, horses have longer strands of hair. The hair on the neck is called a mane. This hair can grow like human hair. Unlike human hair, there are no nerve endings in a horse's mane so it does not hurt the horse if the mane hair is pulled. The mane and tail are used to help protect the horse from bugs biting the skin. The tail is able to swish side to side and hit any bugs in the process.

Horse parts
labeled horse

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