Patient Portals: Definition & Components

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson goes over something known as a patient portal. First, you'll learn what it is and then you will learn what is included in a common patient portal.

Patient Portals

More and more doctors, clinics, hospitals, and patients are using something known as patient portals. A patient portal is a secure website that allows patients to access their health information and, in many cases, connect with their physician.

There are many patient portal systems. One of them is known as MyChart and this lesson will go over the things you may find on patient portals using MyChart as an example.

Welcome Screen

Susan has been going to a doctor whose clinic uses MyChart for about a year now. When she logs into her MyChart account the first thing she sees is a welcome screen. The welcome screen contains numerous things. There is a notification section. She sees that she got a notification about a new test result. There is also a 'To-Do' section, where she sees that she is due for a flu shot in about a month. Further below she sees a News section, where her clinic has recently posted a blog article about 7 tips for healthy living.

The welcome page also contains numerous quick links on the right hand side of her screen. She sees her entire health care team listed on the side here, including all the doctors and specialists that look after her. Other quick links Susan can use include:

  • Ask a question. This allows her to ask any of her doctors any question she has. Either the doctor or another health care team member will reply.
  • Refill your medications. By clicking on this, she can request a prescription refill.
  • View test results. Here, she can check out the most recent result of her bloodwork that she submitted about a week ago with her primary care provider.
  • Schedule or cancel an appointment.
  • Pay a bill.

Top Navigation Bar

The Top Navigation Bar in MyChart has numerous menus. As of this writing they include the following:

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