Paul Revere Lesson for Kids: Facts & Biography

Instructor: Alyson Breeding

Alyson is an elementary special education teacher and has a master's degree in special education.

'The British are coming!' Have you ever heard that phrase before? What does it mean? Who said it? This lesson will introduce a man named Paul Revere and explain why he is so important to the United States.

Who Was Paul Revere?

Paul Revere was born in 1735, before the United States was its own independent country--almost 300 years ago! At that time, America was under the control of the British (which means they were from England). Many British came to this continent to live in colonies in what was called the New World (or the Americas). His parents had done just that, and Revere was born in a colony in what is now known as Boston, Massachusetts.

Paul Revere with his silversmith work
Paul Revere

Revere grew up learning from his father how to be a silversmith. A silversmith is a person that uses a metal called silver to make things like spoons, forks and tea sets. Revere also carved copper plates, but not the kind of plates you eat on. The copper plates that Revere made were actually used like stamps to print pictures in newspapers.

To make more money for his family, Revere used his silversmith skills to help people who had lost their teeth. How did he do that with silver? Well, he used silver wire to attach fake teeth into people's mouths. That means Revere was also a dentist!

Why Is Paul Revere Important?

Revere is famous for being a part of a secret group of Patriots called the Committee of Correspondence. Patriots were Americans who wanted the colonies to separate from England and become their own country--the United States. Revere's job in the Committee of Correspondence was to spread news of the British Army's location to the American Patriots. Revere spread news by riding his horse from city to city. He was called a courier.

The Midnight Ride

Revere's most famous warning happened on April 18, 1775, at midnight. On that night, the British Army began walking toward a town called Lexington in order to start a battle with the American Patriots who were there. Revere learned the news and rode his horse from Boston to Lexington, warning the Americans along the way.

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