Percentages: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Allison Petrovic

Allison has experience teaching high school and college mathematics and has a master's degree in mathematics education.

Have you ever been to the store and saw a sign that said something similar to 50% off? 50% is a percentage! Do you know what that means? We will learn all about percentages in this lesson.

Let's Go Shopping!

I love to shop! I also like to save money. I am always looking for coupons and store sales. Why pay $2.00 for a candy bar when you can get it for $1.00, right? To get the best sale price for any item, it is important that I know percentages!

Star Percentage!

A percentage is a value that tells how much out of 100. So, you could say it shows a part of the whole. Maybe that sounds familiar? Because fractions and decimals also show a part of a whole, a percentage can also be written in the form of a fraction and decimal. So, we have three different ways that we can show the same value. How cool is that?

Let's get started! Suppose we have the percentage 11%. That symbol that comes after the number 11 is the percentage symbol. In the picture that shows blue and white stars, there is a total of 100 stars! I promise you do not have to count all of them. Notice that 11 of the stars are colored in blue, while the others are left uncolored. So we can say 11 out of 100 stars are colored in blue. We can also say that 11% of the stars are blue!

11% of the Stars are Blue

A Percentage as a Fraction

We can write a percentage in the form of fraction. Recall that percentage means how much out of 100. So to change 11% to a fraction, all you have to do is create a fraction with 11 in the numerator and 100 in the denominator, as shown in the picture with the red fraction!

11% as a Fraction

A Percentage as a Decimal

We can also write a percentage in the form of a decimal! To do this, all we have to do is divide the percentage number by 100! So, to put our 11% in decimal form, just divide 11 by 100! You will get a small number! We have 0.11. It is very important to not forget the decimal point in the quotient. The decimal 0.11 is very different from the number 11! This is shown in the picture that shows a green division equation.

11% as a Decimal

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