Performing Non-Instructional Duties in Schools

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Most teachers are required to perform non-instructional duties during the day. This lesson reviews these responsibilities and shows how to manage them, so valuable learning time isn't lost.

What Are Non-Instructional Duties?

Most teachers go into the profession because of their love for children and learning. They are enthusiastic about planning instruction and the day-to-day experiences with students. What they may not be prepared for, though, are the non-instructional duties they'll be responsible for in the classroom, things like taking attendance and lunch count. Unless they use strategies for managing them, teachers can lose valuable instructional time performing these tasks.

Take Sarah, for example. As a first year teacher, Sarah can be easily overwhelmed with the amount of non-instructional duties that seem to keep popping up. How can she manage them without taking up precious teaching time? Let's take a look.

Managing Non-Instructional Duties

As a first year teacher, Sarah is learning many new strategies to help her manage aspects of her teaching practice. She needs extra help learning methods to keep track of non-instructional duties in the classroom. Let's help her break this down.

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