Perimeter & Area of a Square

Instructor: Mark Boster
You can measure your height, your weight, or even your age. Right? Did you know that you can also measure a square? Yep. Let's learn all about measuring squares!

Time for New Carpet

Barry and his father moved into a new home. The carpet in his room was a strange color of pink with birds. It even had a grey grid on it! Barry didn't like it! He wanted new carpet, but he and his father weren't sure how much to get. They needed to get measurements to determine how much carpet they should buy.

All About Area

Definition of Area

Carpet is sold by the square foot. So, Barry and his dad needed to know how many square feet of carpet they would need. In other words, the area! The area of a space is the size of the surface of that space. They needed to buy carpet to cover the surface of the floor.

Calculating Area

Luckily, the grid pattern on the carpet was divided into one-foot squares. That made finding the area simple! One way to find the area is to count all of the squares on the grid! But, who wanted to count all those squares? You can if you want to make sure this part of the lesson is true! So, they used a shortcut. They counted how many squares were going across and up and down the carpet. They counted twelve one-foot squares in both directions. It was a square! You know that because squares are the same distance on all four sides and have 90 degree corners. The formula for finding the area (A) of a square is side (S) square. The formula can be written as A=S^2.

Area of the Old Carpet

Area of Barry's Room

Since you now know that the carpet had a side length of 12 feet, you can use the formula for area. 12^2 feet = 144 square feet. Not just 144, but 144 square feet. Without the square feet label, the 144 could mean anything! It could mean 144 inches, 144 square yards, or even 144 apples! Notice that it is called square feet because you actually found how many foot-sized squares were in the carpet.

Barry and his father weren't sure they could afford all the carpet. They decided to could get a rug for the middle of the room, and then some pieces of carpet for around the edge. They chose a blue rug for the middle. Now to get the pieces for around the edge!

All About Perimeter

Just the Perimeter Left

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