Personality Effects on Experiential Consumption

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

It is not unusual for companies to appeal to us in one way or another to get us to purchase their products. However, one way to create a strong impact is to appeal to our emotions. In this lesson we will learn how our personalities influence the emotional appeal of certain products.

What Is Experiential Consumption?

Meet Blake. Blake is a very outgoing guy. He is always the center of attention and is well known for his humorous stories and jokes. Because of his very outgoing personality, it is not uncommon for Blake to purchase tickets to comedy shows, concerts, and sporting events. He loves being around people and being a part of the action. Blake feels the happiest when he is with a crowd of people, laughing and having a good time. So, each time Blake makes a purchase that appeals to his emotions and positively stimulates him, he is taking part in experiential consumption. Come along as Blake learns how his personality is connected to the purchases he makes.

Personality Connection

Experiential consumption is the act of buying products that appeal to our emotions. Because we are all different, this means that there are different things that make each of us happy. What brings joy to one person may not bring joy to another person. This is because each of us have our own unique personality, and that personality affects the way we feel, act, think, and ultimately may affect the products we purchase. If we look at Blake again, we know that his personality is very outgoing. We know he likes to have all eyes on him and is very much a people person. If Blake were to purchase things that appeal to his emotions, we would see him purchasing things that would place him with a group of people, like a concert or a sporting event. Because people make Blake happy, products that positively appeal to his emotions, like going to an event of some kind, would influence the types of products he buys.

Now, if Blake were very shy and liked to be very secluded, being in a crowd of people would probably not be something that appeals to him positively. Instead, a shy, secluded Blake would most likely purchase a good book to read or a movie to watch quietly on his iPad at home. Being in a secluded place would make Blake emotionally happy and would be the motivation to purchase products like a book and movie.

Marketing and Experiential Consumption

So you might be asking, is there a connection between marketing products and the experiential consumption? The answer is yes. The goal of marketing is to get consumers to buy your products, and what better way to do this than to appeal to the emotions of their customers? More specifically, appealing to specific personalities can be a valuable tool for marketing. Let's look at how companies are appealing to the personalities of consumers to sell products.

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