Personality Traits in Spanish: Vocabulary & Definitions

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  • 0:06 Personality Traits
  • 0:26 Vocab Set 1
  • 1:12 Vocab Set 2
  • 2:08 Buena Gente
  • 2:41 Practice
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Are you interesting? Intelligent, sporty, or lazy? Do you talk and talk, or are you quiet and serious? Find out how to describe your personality and if you are 'buena gente' in this Spanish lesson.

Personality Traits in Spanish

Hola! Today is all about personalidad. Are you interesting, intelligent, sporty, or lazy? Do you talk and talk, or are you quiet and serious? Vamos! Let's find out how to describe our personalities and how to use the popular expression 'buena gente.'

Vocabulary: Set 1

This is Mateo. He's a nice boy who's always generous, sharing his morning donuts with the entire class. He's also very smart. He makes good grades and works hard, but he's sort of quiet and serious. Even though he's a little shy, he has lots of friends and plays sports.

Mateo es:

Spanish English
simpatico nice
generoso generous
inteligente intelligent
trabajador hard-working
callado quiet
serio serious
tímido shy
amigable friendly
deportista athletic

Vocabulary: Set 2

This is Marco. He's different from Mateo. He'll talk your ear off, but he doesn't do so well in school. He's a little lazy, and he can act a little silly, but he's a good guy. And he has an interesting hobby: he collects ranas (frogs)! He has about 20 ranas in his house, and sometimes, he brings one to school in his mochila (backpack). Hm...he must have a mamá maravillosa!

Marco es:

Spanish English
diferente different
hablador talkative
perezoso lazy
tonto silly
buena gente 'good people'
interesante interesting

And Marco's mamá es maravillosa (wonderful)!

Buena Gente

Okay, let's go back to our 'buena gente' expression for a moment. Buena gente is a very popular phrase that you can start using today. It means 'good people,' literally, but can be used for both one person and many people - the exact same way some English speakers use it. As in, 'Mark? Yeah, he's 'good people.' It describes friends and family who have good hearts. Marco es buena gente means 'Marco is a good guy' who can be trusted.


Ok, let's practice a bit! You'll see pictures of Mateo and Marco displaying their personalidades and two words to choose from to describe the personality trait shown.

Numero uno: interesante or hablador?

Practice Question One


Numero dos: generoso or deportista?

Practice Question Two


Numero tres: callado or amigable?

Practice Question Three


Numero cuatro: tonto or tímido?

Practice Question Four


Numero cinco: perezoso or rana?

Practice Question Five


Numero seis: simpático or trabajador?

Practice Question Six


Numero siete: hablador or maravillosa?

Practice Question Seven

Numero ocho: deportista or mochila?

Practice Question Eight


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