Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness & Decoding/Encoding Skill

Instructor: Shannon Orr
This lesson is designed to define and describe the relationship between Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness. This lesson also defines and describes the relationship between Phonemic Awareness and Decoding/Encoding.

Understanding Relationships

Planning a party takes lots of work and requires many steps. You have to decide who to invite, where to have it, what theme will you use, will you serve food, etc. Every step is important in order for the party to be successful. The food you serve depends on the theme that you choose. The place you choose to have the party will determine how many people you can invite.

Each step is dependent on another but the end result is a great party. The relationships between Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness, and Phonemic Awareness and Decoding/Encoding skills, are important preparation for the ultimate celebration: being able to read. If students struggle in one area, it will affect their success in other areas.

Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness

Phonological Awareness means that people understand that symbols represent sounds, that those sounds are blended to make words, and that words can be used for speaking and writing. Phonological Awareness means that there are several steps necessary for students to become great readers and writers. One of the steps in Phonological Awareness is Phonemic Awareness.

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