Pizza Box Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

By asking students to create something from a pizza box, you encourage them to think creatively (dare we say: outside the box) and approach recycling from a fun perspective.

Pizza Box Projects

Looking for a way to turn simple projects into something more creative and fun? Pizza box projects make use of a pizza box as the base for various lessons and activities, giving students a chance to think about the things around them from a different perspective. The following projects are designed primarily for elementary and middle school, but can be easily adapted for high school students as well.

Pizza Box Project Ideas


Students can research a moment in history, a culture, a location, an ecosystem, or other topic and use the interior base of the pizza box as the base to create a diorama. Depending on time and resources, you can ask students to make their diorama figures out of a more complex process like modeling them from clay, or by cutting out shapes from paper and holding them up with toothpicks and glue. On the interior of the lid, students can either paint a backdrop or write out the information about their diorama.


Students will use the pizza box as the mouth of an interactive animal puppet. For example, students could decorate the box like a crocodile and use a rod to open and close the mouth, then create the rest of the body attached to another rod. This body could be very simple (as simple as a hand under a green sheet) or more complex as time and resources permit. With these animal puppets, students can act out Aesop's Fables, participate in a Lunar New Year dragon dance, demonstrate a food web, or create their own narrative and theatrical dramas.

Engineering Project

Divide the class into groups, and provide each with a large number of pizza boxes. Tell them that their job is to create a simple bench or bridge-like structure using the pizza boxes and simple materials like scissors, glue, dowel rods, toothpics, etc. Give students a chance to create their structure, and test them by steadily adding weight until the structure collapses. This can also be used to help teach about the post-and-lintel system, distribution of weight, various types of bridge structures, etc.

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