Planning: Deadlines & Clients

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  • 0:03 Background on Planning Ahead
  • 1:19 Scheduling Sales Calls
  • 2:22 Scheduling Deadlines
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Planning is an essential skill for sales professionals. In this lesson, we'll discuss the importance of planning ahead, scheduling clients, and meeting deadlines.

Background on Planning Ahead

If you're a sales professional but you aren't an organized sales professional, it could be hard for you to plan correctly. It's essential for a sales professional to know what they're doing for the week. Being able to plan ahead allows you to outline what you will do in advance. For example, every Friday all the work that needs to be completed for the upcoming week should be assessed. Having a calendar or planner will allow you to remember all of the activities coming up. Everything from meetings with clients to deadlines at work should all be written down. If you're overbooked, it's better to call ahead of time to reschedule a meeting with a customer than waiting to the last minute. Waiting last minute to reschedule, or forgetting about a deadline altogether, is unprofessional and will give off a bad impression.

For instance, imagine you have a meeting with a distributor to discuss a retail store introducing a brand new line that will generate significant income. You don't write anything down because you're under the impression you can remember everything. You get a call from the client that they were waiting for you to come to their factory, but never showed up. The panic that would set in would be major. You missed an opportunity simply because you were unorganized. It's possible they would reschedule, but it's also possible they would not want to waste their time.

Scheduling Sales Calls

An important part of the sales process is contacting potential customers. It is essential to schedule sales calls to allow you to promote the company and gain income for yourself and the business. When scheduling sales calls, it's crucial to determine what the customer's availability is and to see if you are available on that day and time. It's important to not have conflicting schedules. Every client must be handled appropriately, which makes it necessary to ensure you aren't double-booked. If you already have a meeting at a certain time and another client wants that same time, you'll have to cancel one appointment or come up with a solution.

Let's look at an example. Rob works for an insurance company. Rob has a planner where he writes all of his upcoming meetings, deadlines, and phone calls. He accidentally booked two phone calls at the same time. Rob decides to call the one company an hour earlier, which makes him able to take on both clients without losing profit, and double checks with the customer that this will work for them as well ahead of time. Rob could have lost a customer if he'd been unorganized.

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