Planning Your PowerPoint Presentation: Custom Slideshows, Timing and Options

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  • 0:01 Custom Slide Shows…
  • 1:16 Basic Custom Show
  • 3:23 Hyperlinked Custom Show
  • 5:40 Custom Slide Show Tips
  • 6:11 Timing and Rehearsing
  • 8:07 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Karen Sorensen

Karen has a Bachelors in Communications. She has 25 years of experience in Information Systems, Adult Learning and Virtual Training.

Creating custom slide shows and rehearsing the timing of your presentation is one way to set you apart from the rest. This lesson will explain how to use the custom slide show and rehearse slide show features in PowerPoint.

Custom Slide Shows Using PowerPoint

The ability to create a custom slide show is probably the best feature yet in PowerPoint. This is one true time saver!

Imagine that you have created a presentation for a financial overview to be delivered to several different audiences. Your presentation is ten slides, but not every slide pertains to every audience. For example, the entire presentation is for the executive members. However, certain slides are for the quarterly business review with corporate employees, and certain slides are for the upcoming GM conference.

How do you efficiently use this presentation for all meetings, yet stay away from creating three separate PowerPoint files? Or, worse yet, skipping over the slides during your presentation that do not pertain? This is where custom slide shows will come to your rescue! Think of them like a 'mini' show that you create and access and launch directly from the original presentation.

This lesson will explain how to create a custom slide show and how to launch them with just a few clicks of the mouse. We also will take a quick look at slide show options and how to rehearse timing of your presentations.

Basic Custom Show

There are two ways to create a custom slide show.

  1. Basic: A separate presentation or a presentation that includes some of the slides of the original.
  2. Hyperlinked: A show that uses links, or hyperlinks, nested into the original presentation that launch other slides, other basic custom shows or a different PowerPoint file altogether.

Right now, we will focus on a basic custom show. We will use our financial overview presentation as our example. Remember, we have ten slides, all of which will be presented to the executive team. However, we need two separate mini shows for the quarterly review and the GM conference. Let's say that slides one, three, eight and nine will be used for the quarterly business review.

Start with opening the original presentation.

  1. Go to the Slide Show menu in the ribbon.
  2. Look in the Start Slide Show grouping of commands.
  3. Click on Custom Slide Show.
  4. Click on Custom Shows.
  5. Click on the New button.
  6. Enter a Name for the show. We will call one this QBR Corporate.
  7. Select the slides for the custom show.
  8. Click on the Add button. The slides move to the right side of the dialogue box.
  9. Click OK.

Now that we have our mini show created, we can launch the presentation any time directly from our original show by going back to the Custom Slide Show command in the ribbon. The title of our mini show is listed in the menu. To launch the show, click on the newly created title. We can follow the same steps to create our second custom show for the GM conference. Now that's what I call efficient!

Hyperlinked Custom Show

We have learned how to create a basic custom show. Let's move on to a hyperlinked custom show. This is where we will place links inside our original presentation that will launch other presentations we have created.

First, let me explain why a hyperlinked show might be an option. You may want to email the PowerPoint file to your audience members following the presentation. Creating just the Basic custom slide show does not create separate PowerPoint files, it only creates a mini show inside your original presentation, and as a result, you could not email the custom show to your different audience members. In this case, you decide to create three separate presentations or PowerPoint files so they can be emailed later.

With your different presentations created, you will be able to create links on slides to launch the presentations when needed. In our example, we have a presentation with only four slides. These are the title slide, an introduction slide, a highlight slide and a conclusion slide. All four slides fit all four audiences. However, on our highlight slide, we have three text boxes, and each is a link to a different presentation: our Executive Summary, the QBR and the GM Conference. Each link launches a different presentation.

Let's take a look at how this is done.

  1. Insert text or an image that you would like to represent the hyperlink. In our example, we will use text: Executive Summary, QBR and GM Conference.
  2. Confirm that the text or image is selected.
  3. Go to the Insert menu in the ribbon.
  4. Look in the Links grouping of commands.
  5. Click on Hyperlink.
  6. Search for and select the presentation. In our example, we will select the presentation for our Executive Summary.
  7. Click OK.

When you launch your presentation, your text will become a link that will launch your selected PowerPoint file.

Custom Slide Show Tips

I have a couple tips I want to share with you:

  1. You can create hyperlinks to more than just another PowerPoint file. You can create a link to another page in the presentation, a basic custom show, a web page or even an email address.
  2. Basic custom shows can be printed! Just go to File>Print and in the Print All Slide selection box, choose the title of the custom show you want to print.

Timing and Rehearsing

Let's talk about two ways to rehearse your presentation - manually or automatically. Whether automatic or manual, reviewing the timing by rehearsing your presentation is key to good preparation and a successful presentation. This is especially true if you are on a tight time schedule and staying on track is critical.

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