Plant Parts Activities & Games

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

To truly integrate new information, students must be actively involved in the learning process. This lesson offers games designed to engage students while learning plant parts.

Teaching About Plants Through Games

Do your students have the wiggles? Are they having a hard time sitting at their desks listening to your lesson on plant parts, e.g., leaf, leaf stalk, flower bud, stem, shoot, root? Games are a great way to engage students of all ages and skill levels in lesson concepts. Students learn best through doing, because they use multiple processing nodes in their brains as they learn.

This lesson offers games and activities to actively involve your students in the process of learning the parts of a plant. Activities and games are organized by group and solo activities, allowing you to decide what is appropriate for your classroom environment.

Whole Class Games

These games require the whole class to participate at once. They enable students to have fun with each other as they learn about plants.

What Am I?

Students should stay at their own desks for this game. Read aloud definitions of parts of a plant (like I absorb water from the ground to keep my plant well-hydrated.). If students know the answer, they should raise their hands.

Alternatively, you could split your class into teams. Ask questions as before. The teams should make a buzzing noise or otherwise indicate if they know the answer. Allow the first team to respond to answer. Points can be awarded for correct answers.

Pin the Stem on the Plant

This game is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make a large paper plant in multiple parts (like a jigsaw puzzle). Using an adhesive tool, arrange your plant on a large board in front of your students. Take one piece of the plant (like the roots, a flower or the stem) and give it to the first student in line. Blindfold the student and then have the student try to reattach the plant part in the right place.

This game can be modified by putting all the pieces on a table in front of the player, then having the student attempt to assemble the whole plant blindfolded.

If you make multiple sets of parts, you can create teams to compete in relay fashion (one member at a time is blindfolded, takes one piece of the plant puzzle and places it in the picture, and then returns to the team to hand over the blindfold to the next player). The team with the ending result closest to the original plant wins.

Songs to Learn

Many students learn through song. For this activity, separate your students into groups of two or three. Remind them of the song Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes in which children learn the parts of the body. Ask each group to work together to create a memorable song, with actions, to help students remember the parts of a plant. Allow groups to demonstrate their songs to the whole class. For fun, your class may enjoy voting on the class favorite.

Quiet Activities

These activities are designed to offer extra support or just quiet practice on the concepts your students are learning.

Quiz Each Other

A great way to learn about a subject is to test someone else's knowledge of the topic. For this activity, students will need to study the parts of the plants and become familiar enough with the concepts that they can compose a quiz for a fellow classmate. You may want to instruct students in the number and types of questions they should include (e.g., true/false, multiple choice or essay).

After the quizzes have been created, ask students to swap papers and take someone else's quiz. Each paper should have the name of the quiz creator and taker when it is turned in.

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