Pony Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Tiffany Hightower

Tiffany is a certified elementary school teacher. She has a B.A. in English, education certification and a master's degree in education from Central Michigan University.

Ponies aren't just cute animals that kids really enjoy. Ponies are strong, will kick to protect themselves, and have other interesting traits that you will be surprised to know. Continue reading to explore more fun facts about ponies.

What's a Pony?

Have you ever seen ponies at kids' birthday parties or at farms? They are much smaller than horses and look so cute. People may think of ponies as safer to ride than large horses, which make ponies a popular choice for kids' entertainment.

Ponies are fun for many children.

Many children may think ponies are baby horses. However, ponies are not baby horses, but a smaller breed of regular sized horses. There are over 200 breeds, or kinds, of ponies.

What do Ponies look like?

Ponies look very similar to horses. However, they have a few differences. Ponies have much thicker hair and thicker tails. They also have a shorter head and legs compared to horses. This gives ponies their stubbier appearance.

How Strong are Ponies?

Ponies are fun to ride, but ponies are also strong and can do work. An amazing fact is that they are stronger for their body size than larger horses - they can even pull heavy carriages!

Ponies have a powerful kick! You are able to see things on the sides of your eyes, which is called peripheral vision. However, ponies have two blind spots, which include the inability to see directly in front of and directly behind them. So never walk up to a pony from behind. If it senses your presence, it may try to protect itself with a strong kick!

What do Ponies Eat and Drink?

Kids drink cups of water daily. However, ponies drink water by the gallons each day! They don't overdo it, though, since they only drink if they feel thirsty. Ponies are herbivores, which means they only eat plants.

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