Positive Global Outcomes of Global Competence

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
This lesson goes over some of the many positive global outcomes of global competence. These include mutual understanding, helping one another, and many others.

Definition of Global Competence

Global competence refers to the ability to use numerous important skills to your benefit and that of others. Understandably, part of the concept of global competence is the use of those skills, such as critical thinking, in ways that can help benefit the global community.

This lesson explores some of the positive global outcomes of global competence.

Helping Through Action

So how do you, along with the world, benefit by being globally competent? Well, imagine that you have any number of the following attributes or skills:

  • You speak English.
  • You have access to and know how to use the internet.
  • You're good at teaching others.
  • You come from a privileged background in any number of ways.

You could use any or all of those things to benefit people around the world. While it's easy to understand why and how, if you have lots of connections or wealth, you can benefit others, the first three points are equally important.

Imagine the world that will open up to someone in a foreign land if you teach them English or math! That could help them get a great job.

Or what about finding a way to bring the internet to remote places and teaching people how to use that internet? Imagine how much they'll gain from that as well. For instance, kids could learn all sorts of new things, and people can move past local propaganda to find the truth behind a matter.

Google, Facebook, and SpaceX have all recently begun experimenting in numerous ways to spread internet access, such as by using high-altitude balloons to deliver internet to rural places where other methods, such as laying fiber, are too expensive.

In this brief example alone, you help make a better world, move beyond where you grew up, become a global citizen, and collaborate with others to produce important results.


Globally competent individuals also understand the similarities among people around the world, as well as the important differences between various groups of people. Globally competent people also learn from one another and appreciate, instead of reject, different ideas and beliefs.

As a result of all of this, it's easy to see how this can improve the world by increasing understanding between people, increasing the desire to help one another because (at the core) we're all the same, and avoiding unnecessary conflicts that arise from misunderstandings.

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