Practical Application: Analyzing Growth Mindset & Its Impact on Business

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Growth mindset is all about understanding that talent is not a fixed entity, but something that can be nurtured and grown. How does mindset impact your organization? These questions will guide you in reflecting on the impact of mindset in your company.

Growth Mindset

You know how some people seem to just be born special? They seem to be born with talent, while others seem like they just aren't talented at all.

The idea that people are born with a specific amount of talent or intelligence that dictates how well they will do in life is often referred to as a fixed mindset. In contrast, a growth mindset focuses on how hard work and perseverance help people grow their talent or intelligence. For more information on growth mindset, see the lessons Carol Dweck & Growth Mindset Psychology, Fixed vs. Growth Mindset, and Growth Mindset & Its Impact on Organizations.

Once you are familiar with growth mindset and the way it can work within an organization, reflect on its impact on your own organization with the questions below.

Reflection: Individual Mindsets

Take a few moments to think about you and the other members of your organization. As individuals, how do you display traits of a growth mindset? In particular, jot down answers to the following questions, either in paragraphs or in a Q&A form:

• How do I think about talent and intelligence? Do I think of it as something that is fixed or something that can be nurtured?

• Do I think that some people are talented or intelligent while others aren't, or do I recognize that everyone has room to grow?

• How do I handle challenges? Do I see them as opportunities for growth or stumbling blocks that may illustrate that I don't have enough talent or intelligence?

• How do the people around me talk about talent and intelligence? Do they speak about it as something that is fixed or something that can be nurtured?

• How do the people in my organization deal with failure? Do they encourage others to learn from mistakes or do they believe that mistakes mean that a person just doesn't have 'it?'

• How does my mindset and the mindset of others in my company impact our work? How does it impact the way that the company runs?

Reflection: Organizational Mindset

Now step back and reflect on your company as a whole. While individuals make up a company culture, there are organizational structures that can also promote or inhibit a growth mindset. Take a few moments to think about your organization. In either paragraph or in Q&A form, answer the following questions:

• What, if any, incentives are in place to promote a growth mindset at the company?

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