Practical Application: Assessing Business Agility

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

How agile is your business? In this lesson, you'll find a table for checking your company's agile characteristics and suggestions for improving and growing your agile environment.

Are You Agile?

Business agility is all about a set of traits that makes your team or organization more adaptable or flexible when change happens, without compromising productivity or success. You may be wondering just how agile your organization is or how it stacks up against an agility checklist. Well, you're in luck. The agility table in this lesson will help you paint an accurate picture of where your organization stands on the agility spectrum.

Assessing Agility Checklist

In the table below, place an ''X'' beside each characteristic your team or organization possesses. Look at your team or organization as objectively as possible to achieve the best results.

''X'' Characteristics
_____ Collaborative
_____ Excellent communication
_____ Culture of teamwork
_____ Receptive to feedback
_____ Commitment to continuing education
_____ Embraces change
_____ Focused on providing value
_____ Problem-solving environment
_____ Empowered employees
_____ Atmosphere of trust
_____ Knowledge-sharing culture
_____ Views failure as opportunity
_____ Transparency
_____ Curiosity and innovation are encouraged
_____ Respectful of others

Scoring Your Assessment

Now, add up your ''Xs'' and see how your team or organization fares.

Agile Achiever (12-15)

Congratulations! Your team is a very successful agile organization. Your employees have adapted to an agile culture that is obvious from the top levels of management to front-line employees. Continue to encourage creativity, transparency, collaboration, and communication as core values of your organization. Give employees autonomy and watch them continue to create a workplace that is positive and productive.

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