Practical Application: Assessing Skills for Building Business Relationships

Instructor: Amanda Robb

Amanda holds a Masters in Science from Tufts Medical School in Cellular and Molecular Physiology. She has taught high school Biology and Physics for 8 years.

This questionnaire will help you assess your skills regarding the ability to build business relationships. After going through the questions, we will look at your results and analyze areas for growth and improvement.

What Skills are Needed to Build Business Relationships?

Building relationships in business is similar to building other relationships. As you read in the lesson Skills for Building Business Relationships, being open in your communication, having social or people skills, trust between you and the client, mutual respect, and positivity are all essential skills in building relationships. How do you think you do with these skills? Today, we're going to complete a questionnaire that will show you which characteristics you are successful in and which are areas for growth. For each question, be as honest as possible and write down your answer. Then, we'll analyze the results.


Open Communication

  • Can you share information on a timely basis as needed?
  • Do you share sensitive information with only the people involved?
  • Are you able to listen to difficult feedback?
  • Do you speak and listen with the appropriate intensity for the situation?

People Skills

  • Do people feel at ease with you during a conversation?
  • Can you carry on a conversation with almost anybody?
  • Do you have strong relationships with people you do business with?
  • Do people feel comfortable sharing personal information with you?


  • Are you honest with customers and business partners?
  • Do you ever lie to customers, even for their own good?
  • Do you follow through with promises and deadlines?
  • Are you available when customers or business partners need you?


  • Do people admire your work?
  • Have you been commended on your work or work ethic by your business partners?
  • Are you dependable and follow through when needed?
  • Have you achieved any accomplishments or awards in your workplace?


  • Are you upbeat with customers and clients?
  • Do you have something positive to say, even in negative situations?
  • Do you present a smile and positive body language to clients?
  • Would people in your company describe you as happy or positive?


Take a look at each of the sections above. Do you have any sections that you had all 'yes' answers to? These are your areas of strength. This means you have done excellent work with these aspects of building business relationships. Which sections did you answer with 'no' the most? These are your areas for growth. Let's look at some solutions to each of these sections in order to improve the areas you need to work on.

Open Communication

If you need to improve communication, practice becoming a better listener first. Most people, especially business clients, want to be heard. Make sure you give people your full attention and avoid looking at any technology during the conversation. Repeat back a summary of what they said to show that you were listening and ask follow-up questions. If you're struggling to share the right information with the right people, try making a list of who you think is involved in the issue before sharing information. If someone is not on your list, keep it to yourself.

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