Practical Application: Assessing Virtual Team Leadership

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

How do virtual team managers make sure everyone is doing his or her work and staying connected when everyone works from different locations? Try out this self-assessment for virtual team leadership.

Managing a Virtual Team

In many ways, managing a virtual team is very much like managing a team in person. In both cases, leaders can take:

  • a transactional approach, whereby they clearly define people's roles and responsibilities,
  • a transformational approach, whereby they work on building team cohesion and giving autonomy, or
  • a situational approach, which is a blend of the transactional and transformational approaches.

But in other ways, managing a virtual team presents some unique challenges. Among them are communication, support, and building a community even when people are spread out.

To better understand the leadership approaches above, check out the lesson Effective Management Styles for Virtual Teams. To better understand the unique challenges of managing virtual teams, look at How to Lead Virtual Teams Effectively. Both of these lessons are in the course Managing a Virtual Team, which includes many other lessons to help deepen your understanding of virtual team management.

Once you feel you have a handle on how to manage virtual teams, fill out the self-assessment below by both giving yourself a score for each category and reflecting on the questions asked. Note that, though this is written as a self-assessment, it can also be used to give feedback to virtual managers at your organizations. Remember in the reflection comment to be specific and think about your strengths and how you can grow.

Self-Assessment: Virtual Team Leadership

The Rubric:

Score Category
4 Outstanding
3 Good
2 Competent
1 Needs Improvement

The Assessment:

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