Practical Application: Choosing the Right Team Building Activity

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Team working environments can present unique challenges. Sometimes, it calls for the right team-building activity to get things back on track. Here, you'll be asked to find a solution for three team scenarios.

The Team-Building Test

By now, you've learned a lot about team building and how different scenarios call for different types of team-building activities. Put your knowledge to the test and see what type of team-building activity you'd choose in each of the following hypothetical scenarios. Think about why you made that choice and how it will help the dynamic of your team.

Scenario #1

You've been on the same team at work for the past 18 months and everything has been great ... until the past month. Personal misunderstandings and disagreements about how to handle certain aspects of the current project seem to be breeding distrust and resentment among team members. Work productivity is suffering and the members of the team are becoming unhappy and unmotivated about coming to work.

Practical Application

What type of team-building activity would be the best choice for this scenario? Why? Write down your choice and pros and cons of what you selected.

Scenario #2

You've just successfully finished a huge project at work and everyone on your team is spent and exhausted. But, there's no time to waste. The next big project is just six weeks away. Meetings to prepare for the upcoming task have been short and uninspired, and team members seem stressed out and lacking in focus and creativity. Everyone needs to get re-engaged in a hurry.

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