Practical Application: Closing a Sale & Providing Ongoing Service

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Knowing how to close a sale and provide ongoing service are critical pieces of the sales process. In this activity, you'll analyze three sales scenarios and identify techniques for converting and nurturing the customer.

Full Circle Sales

You've managed to attract customers to your product through some savvy marketing strategies. You schedule an appointment with them and deliver your presentation. They seem eager and willing to move forward. Now what?

Use the skills you learned in the lesson How to Close a Sale and Provide Ongoing Service to keep customers satisfied by providing top-notch ongoing service and taking critical next steps in the sales process. It's not enough to deliver a killer presentation and then rest on your laurels. You have to know how to convert leads into customers and nurture them to keep them as lifelong fans of your brand and its products.

In the scenarios outlined below, you'll be presented with three different sales situations. Use the questions provided as you analyze each scenario. Identify and write down techniques you'd suggest for closing the sale and providing ongoing service in each case.

Analysis Questions

  1. Who is the decision maker in this sale? Have you appealed directly to him or her? How?
  2. What main issues does the prospect have that the product or service can solve?
  3. Has the seller clearly identified how it can fulfill the customer's need? Why or why not?
  4. How can the seller create a sense of urgency to push the sale forward?
  5. Have all the customer's objections been addressed? Why or why not?
  6. What next steps should the seller take to finalize the sale?
  7. How should the seller nurture the customer to provide ongoing customer service?
  8. Is the sales professional effectively providing good ongoing service? Why or why not? How can he or she improve in this area?

Scenarios: Closing The Sale and Providing Service

The Objecting Customer

Will has just concluded his presentation about new health insurance products for a group of human resources professionals at Delphi Premier. The group sat and listened quietly throughout Will's talk, and he could not gauge the attendees' reaction to what he had to say. After going through all of his slides and offering handouts to those in attendance, the human resources manager starts voicing her objections. She is concerned about pricing. Another person in attendance indicates he would like to purchase Will's product, but is not authorized to enter into a sales agreement.

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