Practical Application: Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Strategies

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Creating a culturally responsive classroom helps all students feel more connected and involved. You can use some basic strategies and a series of questions to create an inclusive classroom that more effectively meets the needs of your students.

Creating a Culturally Diverse Classroom

How do you help each student feel comfortable, valued, and supported in a culturally diverse classroom? Creating an environment where individuals feel safe is an important skill teachers must develop. Read the lesson Culturally Responsive Classroom Management and use the tips and strategies below to create a culturally responsive classroom.

Scenario: A New Student

Your student, Marta, has just relocated here with her parents and grandparents. Since school has been in session for two months, you want to know how to help Marta adjust to the classroom and interact with her fellow students. As part of this adjustment, you want to understand Marta's cultural background to help support her success in school.

There are some key questions you ponder as you make your plan to connect with Marta:

  • What do you know about her background? How can you learn more about her culture and her family situation?

You set up a meeting with Marta's parents to learn more about Marta, her family, and what cultural influences will affect Marta's education.

  • How can you learn more about how Marta's family approaches education and discipline?

In the course of the conversation with Marta's parents, you learn that her parents are both high school graduates and that her father is attending night school to earn his bachelor's degree. They are very supportive and encouraging of Marta's education, wanting her to work hard and learn everything she can while at school.

  • What tools can be effective in learning more about Marta's cultural backgrounds? Home visits? Family questionnaires? Research?

Because Marta will be a minority in your classroom, you want to help her classmates appreciate Marta's culture. You decide to hold a cultural day in your class and invite each student to share something special from their culture and family background. This not only helps Marta assimilate, it helps all of the students gain a greater appreciation for each other and their unique family situations.

Other Strategies

One of the first strategies you can implement is creating a culture of learning by designing a classroom environment that reflects all learners. This could include:

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