Practical Application: Developing an Agile Talent Management Strategy

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Organizations must respond to changes in the markets in which they work. One way to do this is to develop an agile talent management strategy. Practice that skill with these scenarios.

Agile Talent

Successful organizations need to be able to quickly respond to market needs. One part of doing that is making sure the right people are available and in place to create and implement new products, processes, and initiatives. The way that a company flexibly and strategically manages talent in order to respond to market changes is called agile talent management.

To understand how to develop an agile talent management strategy at your company, check out the lesson Developing an Agile Talent Management Strategy. Once you're familiar with the concepts in that lesson, check out the scenarios below.


Read the scenarios below and develop an agile talent management strategy using the questions for each scenario to help guide you.

Scenario 1: Cutting Costs in Candy

Honey, It's Healthy (HIH) is a food company that sells honey and honey-based products. They have several different departments, including a honey-sweetened candy department, a honey-baked ham department, and honey roasted nut department.

Lately, HIH has noticed a steep drop in the number of people buying their candy. They need to cut costs, but also be ready in case there's a resurgence in interest in honey-sweetened candy.

Develop a plan for HIH to cut costs while managing agile talent. Think about multiple strategies, such as temporary workers, increasing cross-functionality, and establishing agility metrics within and across departments.

  • Which strategies would be best in terms of cutting costs? Which strategies maximize agility? Which strategies are near the top of the list in terms of both cutting costs and maximizing agility among the workforce?

Scenario 2: Growing in Grains

Ancient Wonders is a company that sells ancient grains like quinoa and couscous in grocery stores. Lately, they've seen their business grow very quickly as more and more people are excited about the health benefits of these grains and as the gluten-free sector expands. They need a way to expand their business while keeping the same agility they have now. Unfortunately, the bigger they get, the less quickly they are able to respond to market demands.

Create an agile talent management strategy for Ancient Wonders. List out several strategies that might work for them, such as cross-functional teams, cross-training employees, and prioritizing by identifying initiatives with the greatest impact.

  • Look back through the strategies you have listed. Which ones will maximize growth while also keeping Ancient Wonders agile? Which ones increase fluidity within the company? Which ones are best for long-term agility?

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