Practical Application: Effective Management Skills

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Being an effective manager requires skills, introspection, and evaluation. You need to have a plan to manage a team and help them reach their potential.

Managing Conflicts

One of the most common problems you will face as a manager is employees disagreeing or fighting over issues at work. Sometimes these issues can be small and irritating but still allow employees to work effectively together. Other problems may get in the way of work and cause serious contention within your team.

When your members of your team are fighting it affects the morale of the whole department. Consider how you will solve these conflicts. Which conflicts will you address and which will you ignore?

  • When you feel it is necessary to get involved, how will you encourage your team to handle problems?
  • How can you create training and exercises to help your team work through conflicts?

Let's take a look at a scenario of conflict at XYZ Corporation and then go through a checklist of how you can solve it if you were a manager.


You have two great employees on your team who have been with the company for over three years each. While each employee is meeting expectations, you are noticing more conflict between the two when they work on a project together or are in team meetings. Whenever you brainstorm or discuss team issues, they disagree with each other and make rude comments about each other under their breath. You're worried about the problems between the two and the morale of the whole team.

The fighting has gotten so bad that you must meet with the two employees and work through their issues. When you determine a problem needs to be addressed and resolved, use the following steps to improve the situation.

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