Practical Application: Employee Feedback Form

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Many supervisors struggle with how to provide feedback to their employees. This form helps guide supervisors as they assess the performance of their employees and set goals for moving forward.

Employee Feedback Form

Part of supervising employees is communicating with them about their current performance and what areas they can improve upon. Below is a printable employee feedback form to help guide you in offering feedback to your employees on their performance.

The first table is a rubric that quantifies employee performance. Below that is an area for employee information, followed by a series of areas to rate employee performance. Finally, there are three sections that allow you to list out the strengths of the employee, any areas for improvement, and goals for the employee moving forward.

Scoring Rubric

Use this rubric to rate employees' performance in the areas listed in the feedback form below.

Score Category Comments
4 Outstanding Employee is a leader amongst his or her peers in this area.
3 Good Employee is above average in this area.
2 Competent Employee is average in this area.
1 Needs Improvement Employee is below average in this area.

Employee Feedback Form

In this area, list the employee's critical information. This section will help you keep your records straight.
Employee Name:
Job Title:
Start Date:
Date of Last Evaluation:

Area Score Comments: Write the reason for the employee's score in each area.
Job Knowledge
Quality of Work
Work Attendance
Communication Skills

What does the employee do well? List as many strengths as you want, though two or three is a good number.

Areas for Improvement
What can the employee do better? List a few actionable areas where you would like to see the employee improve.

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