Practical Application: Gathering Customer Service Metrics

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

How can organizations know if their customer service programs are working? Regular assessments of key metrics can help companies evaluate customer service programs. This chart will help you gather customer service metrics.

Customer Service Metrics

Customer service metrics involve measuring aspects of a customer service program. They allow organizations to analyze the impact of specific programs within a customer service department. The three major things that you might be measuring in your customer service metrics are effectiveness, operational cost, and customer experience.

There are two ways to gather information for the different metrics. The first is through customer surveys or reports. The second is with organizational data. Either way, the goal of customer service metrics is to try to see how well customer service programs are working.

For more information on customer service metrics, see the lesson How to Prepare for Gathering Customer Service Metrics. Once you have a good understanding of the concepts, take a look at the questions in the next section.

Evaluating the Metrics

Take a look at the questions in the chart. For each question, gather the information you need to formulate an answer. When answering, try to be as specific as possible. You might want to print out the chart and have it handy as you gather information to evaluate your customer service programs.

cs metrics

Analyzing Results

Once you've answered the questions in the chart above, look back through your answers.

  • What patterns do you notice?
  • Are there certain answers that you notice you wrote more than once?
  • Are there areas for improvement that you can see based on your answers?

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