Practical Application: Identifying Positive & Negative Characteristics of Marketing Copy

Instructor: Amanda Robb
This scenario-based activity will help you identify good and bad marketing copy. As we look at different scenarios, you'll be asked to explain why certain copy is good or bad and how to improve it.

What is Marketing Copy?

Marketing copy is an essential element of any marketing campaign. As you read in the lesson How to Write Marketing Copy, marketing copy is how you share your vision with customers and promote your product. Good marketing copy might tap into the customer's emotions, or take the form of persuasive writing to get them interested in your product. It should always be short and to the point, making it easy for the customer to understand what you're selling and why it is important.

Now, let's look at two examples of marketing copy for a newly opened cafe, Cup and Cafe. Charles, the owner, wants to incorporate some marketing copy on their website, advertising the opening of their cafe. He's excited to share the newly redesigned interior, which hosts a fireplace and big comfy chairs for his customers to enjoy while they have a hot drink. He has three different companies present a draft of their marketing copy for him to choose from.

Marketing Copy A

Think back to your childhood. Drinking hot cocoa by the fire with the people you love may have been a regular winter occurrence. These good feelings don't have to be just a memory with the new coffee shop, Cup and Cafe opening right down the street. With a family-friendly environment and a cozy fireplace, you can recreate those childhood memories anytime. Just stop in for a hot coffee or even a hot chocolate (if you have a sweet tooth)!


What did you think about this marketing copy? Was it good or bad? This marketing copy certainly appealed to the emotional side of customers. It brought up warm memories from childhood and explained how the cafe could recreate these. It was also short and to the point and mentioned the important redesign of the shop. Overall, this is a good example of marketing copy.

Marketing Copy B

Opening just around the corner from your house is Cup and Coffee. This establishment serves hot coffee and tea and is open all day. You can come in anytime and get whatever hot drink you need - to go or stay - and enjoy the newly decorated interior. Many people enjoy coming to this establishment, and you will too!


Did this marketing copy make you want to go to Cup and Coffee? The answer is, unfortunately, probably not. It was plain and didn't explain why Cup and Coffee would stand out from any of the other coffee shops in the area. Although the text is short and to the point, it doesn't grab the reader's attention. It needs more persuasion to get customers flowing into the new cafe. This is an example of boring, mediocre marketing copy, at best.

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