Practical Application: Long-Term Organizational Planning

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Long-term organizational planning occurs on many different levels within a business. Each level of an organization has a specific type of plan that supports the overall vision of the company. Gain experience writing different types of plans in this practical application.

Types of Planning

Long-term planning occurs at multiple levels of an organization. Strategic plans take place at the very top level and impact the entire organization. Tactical plans are implemented in one division or location of a company, while operational plans are focused on one department or team within that division or location. Finally, contingency plans are put in place to deal with unexpected changes or challenges that might crop up.

To better understand each of these types of plans and what goes into them, see the lesson, Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Contingency Planning. Then, deepen your understanding by developing plans related to the following scenario.

Organizational Planning

Naturally Sweet Foods, Inc. is a company that produces delicious foods sweetened with fruit and other natural ingredients instead of refined sugars. Its mission is to satisfy the customer's sweet tooth with delicious, healthy alternatives to traditional baked goods. Naturally Sweet Foods, Inc. has two divisions, one that produces packaged goods to be sold in grocery stores and one that consists of retail locations across the country.

Help Naturally Sweet Foods with their organizational planning by responding to the following scenarios. Be as specific as possible when you're writing your answers.

Strategic Planning

Niti is the CEO of Naturally Sweet Foods. She wants the company to expand its reach by increasing its market share. That is, Niti wants to get people who currently aren't eating Naturally Sweet Foods' products to become loyal, repeat customers.

Help Niti develop a strategic plan for Naturally Sweet Foods. Think about the mission of the company (stated above). Then:

  • Write a strategic plan that ties the mission to Niti's current goal to increase market share.
  • Include metrics for what a successful plan might look like and a long-term (3+ years) timeframe with goals to meet along the way.

Tactical Planning

Maria is the head of the packaged goods division of Naturally Sweet Foods. She wants to support Niti's strategic plan to increase market share. Maria has a few ideas about how to do that, including developing more effective advertising and introducing new types of packaged baked goods to reach customers with dietary restrictions (e.g., gluten-free or vegan).

Help Maria develop a tactical plan for the packaged goods division of Naturally Sweet Foods. For example:

  • Outline 3-5 specific initiatives her division can implement to increase market share.
  • Tie the initiatives into Niti's strategic plan by specifically addressing how Maria's tactical plan will help meet Niti's metrics for success.

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